How do I know to replace or repair my roof?

What to consider when weighing the pros and cons of a roof repair or replacement decision?

If the decision is to replace, should you do a complete replacement?

You have the choice of either removing the old roof and installing a new one or adding a new layer atop the old roof when replacing a roof. Your decision will depend on how long you plan to stay in the house. If you plan to live there for many years, a brand-new roof is best since it will last longer and have the latest underlayment materials. However, if you are only staying for a few years, then a second layer is the practical option. This is because the existing roofing is in good condition and one-layer thick, old shingles are compatible with the new application, and the old roof has strong decking. Bear in mind, however, that the second layer of the roof won’t last if a new one, and that could affect the overall market price of your home should you decide selling is in order soon.

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Roof repair or replacement is a big decision for any homeowner.

The question becomes should you repair your roof or replace it? One of the questions homeowners have is whether to repair or replace their roofs. Many people choose to repair it because it is cheaper than replacing the roof. However, sometimes repairs are appropriate, and sometimes replacement is necessary. There are many homeowners who choose to make simple repairs, thinking that this will extend the life of the roof. However, some roofing problems cannot be solved by repairs, and these problems will eventually arise again, leading to more expenses.

The lifespan of a roof is typically 15-20 years, but with changes in the atmosphere, shingles can become weakened, and their lifespan is reduced. The degradation in the quality of materials also decreases efficiency in protecting the roof from elements, especially water.


Leaks in your roof can usually be fixed by repairing the flashing or sealant around joints, or by replacing a few damaged shingles. You probably won’t need to replace your entire roof.


If you have a few damaged or loose shingles, you can repair or replace them easily without the need for overhauling the entire roof structure. However, most roof leaks require more than a simple repair. Leaks are usually caused by problematic flashing between two roof components, such as the roof and chimney or roof and wall. In these cases, it is often best to replace the roof.

When the shingles are significantly damaged, cracked, and exposed the roof to water, then replacement may be necessary. A workaround could be minor repairs if the roof surface can still obviously last a long time. However, if the roof is nearing the 20-year or so in age, considering a roof takes precedence.

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